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Welcome to the Daily Feed, the official blog of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium!

“Dive In” Movie Monday Welcome Video with Captain Neo

Been to the aquarium but want to know more? Never been but curious to learn about us or aquatic life in general? You’ve come to the right place! Our goal is to make The Daily Feed not just a source of info about the GCA, but a valuable resource for all things aquatic. From information on aquarium events to behind-the-scenes content, animal care and so much more, we’ll be adding daily content you won’t want to miss.

Located in the FirstEnergy Powerhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is the only freestanding aquarium in Ohio. We are home to thousands of fish, including a 250 thousand gallon shark exhibit with four species of sharks! Beyond looking at our stunning animals, we encourage you to get up close and personal. Experience new connections in our Touch Pool as you touch our extremely social stingrays, touch a living starfish and feel the armor of horseshoe crabs.

We strive to educate our guests on the amazing world that lies┬ábeneath┬áthe waves and how we can work together to conserve it. With The Daily Feed, you’ll be able to experience all that the aquarium has to offer in ways never before possible. From diving into our shark tank to hearing directly from our curator, this blog will show you the aquarium like you’ve never seen it before.

You’ll get to meet our staff, including our general manager, animal curator and our colorful Captain Neo! Witness the wonder of our seven-foot long Sand Tiger sharks; learn about how we care for our animals from our world-class aquarists, and experience the behind-the-scenes side of the aquarium that you won’t find anywhere else.

Updated daily, you’ll simply never visit the same Daily Feed twice. Dive in, take a bite and enjoy everything The Daily Feed has to offer!


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