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As the only free standing aquarium in Ohio, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is home to thousands of different fish. Located in the FirstEnergy Powerhouse, it is our goal to provide our guests with experiences that educate, entertain and captivate. From its opening in January 2012, the aquarium has expanded to over 70,000 square feet of display space. From intimate displays to supermassive tanks you can walk through, there is something for everyone.

In our Ohio Lakes and Rivers gallery, you’ll be amazed by the incredible variation of aquatic life living all around the state. Moving on to the Lake and Rivers of the World, discover exhibits showcasing aquatic life from Australia, Asia, South America and Africa. Meet our rescued tortoises that could live to be 150 years old and ask our aquarists about the only fish at the aquarium that came to us with a name!

In the Discovery Zone, witness the life cycle of moon jellyfish grown right at the aquarium. Learn about how we can protect our waterways through conservation and how you can make a difference. The Indo-Pacific area shows off some truly wild fish from the Red Sea, Eastern Asia, Indonesia Fiji and Hawaii. From the venomous lionfish to the literally named boxfish, you’re guaranteed to see some captivating wildlife.

One of the most engaging areas of the aquarium is the Coastal region. Discover an incredible moment as you get up close and touch the many stingrays in our 11,000 gallon Touch Pool! Our guest experience associates will show you how to touch these graceful and very social animals. Visit our coral exhibit to see the live coral that began life right at the aquarium.

After you’ve seen all of our gallery exhibits, get ready to see a tank so massive you can walk through it! Our 250 thousand gallon shark exhibit features sharks from four species. From our nimble black tips to intimidating seven foot sand tigers, walking through the aquarium’s twisting SeaTube will leave you feeling completely immersed in another world.

To lean about the Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s hours, pricing and more visit our official website! You can connected with us 24/7 by following us on Facebook and Twitter