Setting the Stage: Diana Chittester

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It’s been nearly a year since Diana Chittester released her last album, Find My Way Home. This doesn’t mean she’s been taking it easy. Chittester’s Twitter page ( is absolutely covered with upcoming events, and they’re almost all happening in Cleveland after a period of time spent living in Portland, Oregon. As her website ( will tell you, she spent her early 20s building her career in Cleveland and, after she moved, she decided she just hadn’t had enough of the CLE.


Which brings her right back into our eager audiences, including the crowd that will be present at the GCA’s fourth annual Red White & Brew festival. This Fourth of July celebration is the perfect time to catch Chittester in her comfort zone. She’s heralded as a guitar master, able to create the sound of a full orchestra with just her own two hands.


For those too anxious to wait for her performance, she has a slew of work uploaded to her Bandcamp ( and her Facebook (, in addition to Twitter, is frequently updated with performances. But for an extra awesome time, be sure to catch her set at Red White & Brew!