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Our nine galleries offer many up-close, eye-level and 360-degree views of more than 1,400 freshwater and saltwater animals from around the globe.

Ohio Lakes & Rivers

This gallery instills pride in the Buckeye State’s native aquatic species.

Asia & Indonesia

The animals in this zen gallery will change your ohm to “Oh, wow!”

Tropical Forest

With exhibit upgrades, enhanced theming and new rainforest species, this gallery is evolving.


Get 360-degree views of fascinating fish from exotic destinations.

Northern Pacific

“Sea” seadragons, sea cucumbers, sea stars and many other quirky, cold water animals including a giant Pacific octopus.

Coastal Boardwalk

This gallery combines the relaxing vibe of a beach town with some of fan favorite touch exhibits.

Tropical Reef

Color, color everywhere!

Shark Gallery & SeaTube

You can’t miss this stunning 230,000-gallon shark exhibit with a 175-foot underwater seatube.


Check out this pretend-and-play space where children’s imaginations can run wild.