Our Beaches Look Better Clean!

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The Greater Cleveland Aquarium has been volunteering for a second year, joining in on a shoreline cleanup program – Adopt-a-beach presented by Alliance for the Great Lakes. This programs allows volunteers to join together to remove trash from beaches and shorelines along the Great Lakes coastal areas. The GCA has adopted Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, and has been volunteering and removing trash from the beach over the past few months.

What have we accomplished?

  • We’ve welcomed more than 100 volunteers to help us with the clean-up.
  • We have removed more than 500lbs of trash from Edgewater beach.
  • Included in the trash collected: 400 pieces of plastic; more than 500 cigar tips; more than 450 cigarettes/cigarette filters; 4 tires; 200 pieces of fishing line; more than 400 fishing lures; more than 150 beverage cans, and more than 500 bottle caps/lids.

We’d like to thank our staff and volunteers who participated in those clean-ups. We couldn’t have accomplished so much without you!

The last two clean-ups at Edgewater Beach are on the following dates and times: August 14th from 5:30PM-8:30PM [and] September 21st from 9AM-12PM.

Interested in joining in on our next clean-up? Email your contact information to info@greaterclevelandaquarium.com and we will keep you up to date with details.