Interactive Programs at the GCA

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The Greater Cleveland Aquarium offers a variety of interactive programs, allowing our guests to get up close and personal with our animals. From our Feet First: Diving with the Sharks program, to our Touch Pool Feeding experience, our interactive programs are sure to grab you by the gills. Here’s a bit of information on some of our interactive programs; you can always learn more by visiting

Aquarist for a Day: This program is designed to amaze, inform and inspire. It also offers a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how we care for our aquatic creatures. Participants will spend time alongside of an Aquarist team member going behind the scenes to learn more about the animals and their care.

Fish Feeding Adventure: This program offers a one of a kind view from the top of our 250,000 gallon Main Exhibit. The adventure begins with a guided tour through the Greater Cleveland Aquarium SeaTube where you will learn fish identification techniques. Then go behind the scenes for a tour of our filtration and food preparation areas.

Touch Pool Feed Experience: Feed the stingrays that make their home in our 11,000 gallon Touch Pool. First, follow an Aquarist to the back-of-house food preparation area to learn about animal diets and feeding techniques, and then become a caretaker of our rays as you feed them by hand.

Feet First: Open water SCUBA certified divers have the chance to dive with the sharks in our Main Shark Exhibit, which holds 250,000 gallons of water, and is home to 34 species of sea creatures.