GCA in the Community : Beach Clean-Ups

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Here at the GCA we are always doing our part to conserve Ohio’s beautiful lakes and rivers. This summer, we adopted Wendy Park to help keep it clean and free of trash. GCA staff and summer camp members join together to collect trash from Wendy Park and the shores of Lake Erie.

It is vital to keep our beaches clean so that trash does not end up in our lakes and rivers. Things like plastic and Styrofoam are dangers to our fish friends and can cause sickness and death. Not only are these things dangerous to our underwater friends, they can become dangerous to us. When we eat seafood that comes from our local waters, we could be eating fish contaminated with the trash we threw on the beach.

In doing our part to prevent the pollution of our waters, the GCA has hosted two beach clean-ups this summer at Wendy Park. Three weeks ago we partnered
with our friends the Cleveland Gladiators and collected 23 pounds of trash and 7 pounds of recyclables from Wendy Park. In total, we have collect 30 pounds of trash and 10 pounds of recyclables.

An important part of the clean-ups is to document the state of the beach. GCA staff members work together with summer campers to collect data about the
beach that is important to keeping it safe and clean. Staff members document things like the appearance of the beach, the color and smell of the water and
the acid levels of the lake.

Some of the trash collected from the beach clean-ups is on display in the aquarium as part of an exhibit to promote conservation. Educating our guests about the importance of conservation and preservation is a vital part of the GCA mission.

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We will continue to be at Wendy Park at the following times:

  • July 24, 10am – 12pm
  • August 5, 10am – 12pm
  • September 2, 10am – 12pm

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