Lakes + Rivers of the World

Our Lakes + Rivers of the World gallery features aquatic life from Australia, Asia, South America and Africa. Immediately upon entering this gallery, one of the first fish you’ll notice is our Giant Gourami. Donated to the Aquarium, Toby has quickly become a fan favorite. Giant Gouramis are native to the Southeast Asian countries of Java, Sumatra and Borneo, and thrive in slow-moving freshwater.


Our interactive African Tortoise exhibit features rescued tortoises from Noah’s Lost Ark (NLA), an animal sanctuary located in Ohio. These tortoises, once purchased as pets, were either donated to or rescued by NLA because they were abused, neglected and/or unwanted. We are honored to have some of NLA’s rescued tortoises here at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and encourage our guests to interact with them by touching their shells. Similar to the feeling we have when someone touches our fingernails, these tortoises love this friendly form of communication.