Discovery Zone

Our Discovery Zone is partially dedicated to educating our guests on the effects of pollution. Pollution is the introduction of harmful contaminants that are outside the norm for a given ecosystem. Common man-made pollutants that reach the ocean include pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, detergents, oil, sewage, plastics, and other solids. Many of these pollutants collect at the ocean’s depths, where they are consumed by small marine organisms and introduced into the global food chain.

Did you know that it takes…

  • 2 months for an apple core to decompose
  • 10-20 years for a plastic grocery bag to decompose
  • 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose
  • 600 years for fishing line to decompose

These are astonishing numbers, and many of us don’t necessarily think about what we as individuals can do to help. We must remember that, although a challenge, creating awareness is the first step; our oceans are depending on us.

Discovery jelly

Also on display in our Discovery Zone is our moon jellyfish exhibit. Located in the base of one of the Powerhouse’s original smokestacks, this exhibit is both impressive and beautiful. Guests are able to learn about their life stages, from polyps to fully grown jellies, and watch as they “glow” in the dark.