When you take your first step into the Greater Cleveland Aquarium you are immediately introduced to the Ohio Lakes and Rivers gallery. This outstanding exhibit features a state-of-the-art handmade stream, Ohio game fish, shovelnose sturgeon, and blacknose dace.

The adventure continues in our Lakes and Rivers of the World gallery, containing four individual regions: Australia, Asia, South America and Africa. On this journey, pay special attention to the African Spurred tortoises; they are gentle creatures with playful personalities who encourage you to interact with them by touching their shells.

Don’t miss our special display dedicated to educating people on the effect pollution has on our oceans in our Discovery Zone. We must remember that creating awareness is an incredible challenge, and our oceans are depending on us. Don’t forget to look up at what comes next; one of the Powerhouse’s original smokestacks is now home to a moon jellyfish exhibit. Learn about their life stages, from polyps to fully grown jellies, and watch as they “glow” in the dark.

In our Indo-Pacific gallery, you will see fish from the Red Sea, Eastern Asia, Indonesia, Fiji and Hawaii. Of the many, pay close attention to the poisonous lionfish, the eerie scorpionfish,  and the black and white snowflake eels.

We then transition into our Northern Pacific gallery which features cold-water exhibits that contains creatures such as green surf anemones and long horn decorator crabs. Located in our arch exhibit is one of the most intelligent and active animals you will ever meet – the Giant Pacific Octopus.
The next stop is our Coastal gallery, introducing you to our impressive 11,000 gallon Touch Pool, Cave tank and live coral exhibit. At our Touch Pool, you’ll learn the official “two-finger touch” technique and experience what sea life feels like, as it is home to many friendly stingrays who love being the center of attention.

After spending some quality time with our rays, take a trip down our Tropical Reef gallery, featuring several tropical fish, and enter our Shark gallery. Home to four species of sharks and an amazing variety of aquatic life, this gallery will surely impress you. Elegance and splendor co-exist in the tank with sand tiger sharks reaching up to 7’ long. Our 175-foot underwater SeaTube will fascinate you as you walk through this wonderful sub aquatic world, allowing extraordinary viewing access to sharks, moray eels, groupers and more.
Finally, designed as a research vessel, our Exploration Station is located on the second floor of the Powerhouse. This unique exhibit was created for hands-on interactive fun.