Youth Groups & Summer Programs

Youth Groups and Summer Programs

Youth groups, scouts, adventure guides, church youth groups, and summer day camps can explore the wonders of sea life at the Aquarium on weekends, school holidays, and summer with our Aquatic Trek education program.

Aquatic Trek

Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s Aquatic Trek takes your group on an underwater adventure. Members of your group are able to splash around with stingrays, get up close and personal with seahorses, and travel down our magnificent 175-foot-long underwater SeaTube.

On your guided tour, you’ll get to know a very special Giant Gourami named Toby, learn about freshwater stingrays (yes, there is such a thing!), and touch the shells of our very gentle and loving African Spurred Tortoises.

SHARKS! Don’t forget the sharks. Our 230,000 gallon Shark SeaTube exhibit will give your group extraordinary viewing access to four different species of sharks, stingrays, green moray eels and more!

So hop aboard, folks. This underwater adventure will transport you from the north coast to the seacoast in our two hour Aquatic Trek education program.

To learn more about this unique adventure give us a call at (216)862-8803 ext 7703.