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5 Ways to Commemorate International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 by in Events


International Talk Like a Pirate Day isn’t just for Jack Sparrow, there aarrrrrrre plenty of ways to celebrate on September 19.
What is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? How did it begin? Surprisingly enough, by two guys playing racquetball. The entire story can be found on the ITLAPD website here.


So how can you celebrate?

  1. Make up your Pirate Name

There are dozens of sites with name generators and quizzes. We found a few for you to make it easier and get the (cannon)ball rolling. My favorite for my name, Morgan Wright? I can’t decide between Martha “Both Barrels” Jones or Dirty Morgan Flint.
Pirate Name Generator Basic
Pirate Name Generator Advance

  1. Test out your Pirate Lingo (insert staff video here)
  2. Dress up . . . or dress up your pet

So you don’t have a parrot? Not everyone can be Edwin Encarnacion after a homerun. Find a bandana and eye patch and include Fido in your celebrations!





  1. Go full-on pirate on Facebook. Did you know you can switch your Facebook language to “pirate?”

Want to see what it would read as when your Aunt Sue updates her status about your cousin’s first week of third grade? Change the language to pirate!

– Step 1: Click the ENGLISH Hyperlink at the Bottom of Your Page
– Step 2: Select English (pirate)

  1. Visit us!

We’ll be celebrating all day TODAY, September 19 during general admission hours.
Save your doubloons by celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD). On Tuesday, September 19, read a randomly selected phrase while doing your best pirate impression and receive $5 off of your admission that day. The first 200 brave buccaneers receive an eyepatch.


  • Dress-up chest and paper plate pirate craft (11am – 3pm)
  • A swashbuckling story for the wee ones told by our own Lake Erie Monster-seeking Captain NEO (11am)
  • An appearance by land shark mascot Finn (2pm)
  • A target shark feed (3:30pm) and
  • A chance to search for treasure (10am – 5pm) in the exhibits.