Ohio Lakes and Rivers

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The Ohio Lakes and Rivers gallery at the GCA pays homage to the fantastic aquatic life in our region. Here are some interesting facts about some of the fish found in within this gallery:

Spotted Garstu

  • The Spotted Gar (shown above, far left) is a very rare species and in Ohio has only ever been found in Lake Erie.
  • The body of Shovelnose Sturgeon (shown above, far right) is covered in armored plates, rather than scales.
  • Bluegills live in shallow waters like streams and rives.
  • Perch have long bodies and rough scales.
  • The Brook Trout have a distinct white trim on their fins, which is unlike any other trout species.

The Ohio Lakes and Rivers gallery also has a new wall of exhibits that features spotted turtles, painted turtles, invasive species and more.


  • The spotted turtle (shown left), also called the “polka-dot” turtle, has yellow spots on the head, neck, legs, and upper shell or carapace.
  • Painted turtles (shown right) get their name from the colorful markings along their neck, and edges of their shell.

Come by the GCA to see these native species and many more in our expansive displays and exhibits!