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Beware of bright and beautiful.

Poison dart frogs are some of the most toxic animals on the planet. Their vivid colors warn potential predators that they are poisonous to eat.

Always looks before leaping.

A silver arowana has keen eyesight and the ability to jump out of the water to catch insects and small birds.

No dentist needed.

A cavity-resistant enamel coating on shark teeth keeps them bacteria-free.

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Sailfin Tang

Captain's (B)log

April 10, 2019 / Education

Exploring Similarities, Celebrating Differences: Amphibians and Reptiles

Once upon a time, reptiles and amphibians were classified together as one family. Scientists believe that reptiles... Read More

May 16, 2019 / Conservation

5 Ways to Cut Back On Plastic Pollution after Skipping the Straw

Plastic never truly degrades into nothing, it breaks down into smaller and smaller particles. Fish consume microplastics... Read More

February 26, 2019 / Species Highlights

Species Highlight: The Argentine Tegu

Commonly known as the giant tegu, the Argentine black-and-white tegu is the largest species of tegu lizard. We are going... Read More

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