Setting the Stage: The Moxies

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the moxies
According to the Bandcamp  page of Cleveland group The Moxies, “they found their name on a retro, blue cream soda pop” and “their signature look in wing-tipped shoes and a black tie aesthetic.” Out-dated, or simply a class rock ‘n’ roll attitude from a group of young musicians?

The answer is attitude. No one could ever dream of calling The Moxies outdated—their crowds are young and hip, their songs are soulful and passionate. No one will be mistaking this group of young men for old souls when they perform at the GCA’s Red White & Brew celebration.

Like The Moxies on Facebook, follow them on Twitter  and don’t you dare miss their performance at Red White & Brew—this up-and-coming band is one you’ll want to brag about seeing live. Their wild, fun-loving rock ‘n’ roll vibe will keep you dancing long after the music stops!