GCA Aqua Squad: Internship Opportunities at the GCA

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We recognize the importance of offering internships at the GCA; we give current college students the opportunity to work in either our Marketing, Education or Curation departments. This post will focus on our current Aqua Squad, our Marketing department’s street team. In the Aqua Squad intern program, interns work closely with the marketing department in developing the Greater Cleveland Aquarium brand within the community; the team also assists in creating new marketing strategies or campaigns. Aqua Squad attends local events throughout the community to promote the GCA, sell discounted tickets, and interact with the public. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium intern program allows the interns to work individually on specific projects and be part of the Aqua Squad team when traveling to events in our city. Aqua Squad has worked on many projects over the past few months, among them being increasing social media presence and establishing partnerships with other downtown Cleveland attractions.  We offer below a special spotlight on each of our marketing interns and a description of their role in the Squad. Happy reading!


Megan  Z.

Megan took on a very special social media project this summer: Social Media Scavenger Hunt. The plan was to create and execute a social media scavenger hunt to create awareness for the GCA’s Shark Weekend. Meghan states, “our main goal in designing the scavenger hunt is to get people excited and informed about our Shark Weekend event, as well as the city of Cleveland and all its attractions. It’s also a great way to connect with people through social media!”


Patrick has been a great help with developing a grassroots marketing campaign.  Pat has taken the lead on finding local community events for Aqua Squad to attend to further promote the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. One of the most recent weekly events the Aqua Squad has attended is the Farmer’s Market on Fridays, which takes place in Public Square.  Patrick says he “really likes meeting new people in our community when we are at the Farmer’s Market and telling them about the newly updated exhibits at the GCA.”


Crystal’s responsibility throughout the summer has been to increase the aquarium’s social media Instagram and Pinterest platforms. Pinners can post photos to the Pinterest page and if the photos use the hashtag #mydayatGCA in the description, the aquarium ‘repins’ his/her photos! “Most people crawl out of bed in the morning dreading to go to work, but I wake up feeling privileged to be a part of a business that brings so many smiles to people’s faces!” Follow the Aquarium on Instagram @cleaquarium and Pinterest @thegca to be part of the action.


Jalon is organizing group sales for Faith Weekend, which is an upcoming event that the Greater Cleveland Aquarium hosts over two weekends in the month of November.  Jalon has been reaching out to local churches and youth groups to offer them group rates as an incentive to visit during faith weekend.  Jalon enjoys “representing the aquarium and letting people know about us to help increase the popularity of the aquarium as a whole.”

Meghan C.

Meghan has taken on the role of researching other local attractions and restaurants in Northeast Ohio who are interested in setting up partnerships.  Meghan says, “not everyone gets to intern at an aquarium where there are always different things going on, it’s a really fun place to work. I think it’s really awesome that we get to be the face of the aquarium when we work at events in the area.”


Kristina is lead photographer for the Aqua Squad.  Over the past few months, she has taken photos, edits them and catalogs the various exhibits offered at the aquarium.  Kristina is also responsible for taking photos at events the Aqua Aquad attends throughout the Cleveland area.  “The aquarium is a great place to work because there is always something exciting happening.  We are always going somewhere new to promote the aquarium, so come over and say hello if you see us out!”


Lindsay has worked as a team with Bobby to develop The Daily Feed: The GCA’s blog. Both Bobby and Lindsay have written posts about exciting topics that surround the aquarium, such as GCA events and factual information on exhibits and animals.  Since the blog is a new feature, Lindsay has spent time researching other popular bloggers to gain interest and potential followers. Lindsay states, “when the Aqua Squad is at an event, it is a lot of fun explaining the exhibits and different fish to people who have never been to the aquarium before. It is a great way to get immersed within the Cleveland community.”


Bobby cannot say enough about what an opportunity it is to work at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. He is charge of the of writing blog  posts with Lindsay. He created the ideas for blogs for the entire summer, which was organized into a calendar.  “Interning at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium has been a truly phenomenal experience. From actively increasing GCA awareness around Cleveland to participating in major marketing projects, it has been fulfilling from day one. My fellow interns are some of the most talented individuals I know and it has been an absolute privilege being part of such an incredible team.”
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