Pricing & Booking

To schedule your visit, please call the Education Department at 216.862.8803 ext. 7715 or email at

Please have the following ready when booking your visit:

•At least 2 dates you could possibly visit the Aquarium
• Aquarium arrival and departure time
•Grade/age of students
•The program you would like to schedule
•The number of students and chaperones that will be attending. (Remember we require 1 adult chaperone for every 10 students.)
•Contact phone number of group leader
•Billing address of school/organization
•Email address of group leader
•Whether or not you plan to eat. We have café options or you are welcome to pack your own lunches.
•If you would like to order lunches from the Nautica Café
•Any special accommodation your students might need (wheelchair, etc.)

Please note:

•All programs are guided by an Aquarium staff member.
•Most programs run 90 minutes. Please include an additional 30 minutes if you are staying for lunch.
•Chaperoned groups are welcome to tour the exhibits on their own after the guided tour ends (Program fee includes general admission).
•Some programs are full-day programs. Please plan 3 hours (including 30 minutes for lunch) for: Aquatic Animal Adaptations and Lakes & Rivers
•Some programs have age and class size restrictions.

Program Fees:

•1 required adult chaperone is admitted free for every 10 students.
•For self-contained classes with special needs, 1 adult is admitted free for every 5 students.
•A student whose family is an Annual Pass holder is admitted free. The student must be able to provide the pass on the date of the visit.

I See Sea Creatures: $7.95 per student, $14.95 per additional chaperone
Turtle & Tortoises: $8.95 per student, $14.95 per additional chaperone

K-12 Students
Aquatic Animal Adaptations (w/o Build-a Fish Activity), Aquatic Trek, Basic Training, CSI, Aquatic Food Chains, Sharks – Feared or Revered, Sharks Conservation and Ecosystem Expedition: $8.95 per student, $14.95 per additional chaperone

Aquatic Animal Adaptations (w/ Build-a Fish Activity), Rivers & Lakes, River Explorers and Water Quality Scientists: $9.95 per student, $14.95 per additional chaperone

What’s Inside a Squid?: $10.95 per student, $14.95 per additional chaperone

Marine Science Tour
$20.00 per student, $20 per additional chaperone

College Students
$14.95 per student, $14.95 per additional chaperone

Special Needs
$8.95 per student, $8.95 per additional chaperone

(All pricing above is for 2017-2018 school year)


•We accept check, credit card or purchase orders for education groups.
•We do NOT accept cash.
•If paying by check or credit card, please bring payment with you on the day of the trip.
•If paying with a purchase order, we require a copy of the purchase order at least 7 days before you visit. We invoice on the day of the trip when the final headcount is determined.

Class Grant:

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium Splash Fund offers a grant to help offset ticket costs for Aquarium school visits for qualifying schools.  All funds have been distributed for the 2017-2018 school year. Applications are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information please contact Splash Fund Executive Director, Tami Brown at