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Our Indo-Pacific gallery displays fish from the Red Sea, Eastern Asia, Indonesia, Fiji and Hawaii. Upon entering this gallery you’ll notice an exhibit dedicated to the venomous lionfish; its red and white zebra-like stripes and long pectoral fins stand as its own personal warning system.  Although intimidating, the lionfish does not use its venom to capture prey. Instead, it relies on its camouflage and speedy reflexes.

Indo-Pacific lionfish

 Recently updated, this gallery also now features panther groupers, with their distinctive black and white polka-dots, and queensland groupers with their bright yellow markings.

Indo pacific panther_grouper  Queensland_Grouper

One of the most unique aspects of this gallery revolves around the Powerhouse itself. Three separate exhibits were delicately inserted into one of the original coal tunnels of the Powerhouse. Remember when you’re walking through that the bricks located to your left, right, above and beneath you are over 100 years old.


Animal Spotlight: Blue Boxfish


Boxfish are unique in appearance and are native to the waters of the Indo-Pacific region. One fascinating part of the boxfish is its scales. A boxfishes’ scales form hexagonal bony plates that are fused together to form a rigid body case; only the eyes, jaws and fins are mobile.